Drawings Since 7th Grade

Here are every one of my geometric drawings since 7th grade. That’s 5 years worth of drawings! I do take requests for a small price (min. $10). Interested? Email me at or comment below.

4Elements 4Seasons AppleJacks Arrows1 Arrows2 Arrows3 Aztec BfrNAftr BlckNdWhtX BoxesInsideBoxes Colors2 Colors3 Colors Complexity ComplexX Crescent Diamerald Epic FirstEverDrawing GeometricFlower Heart1 Heart2 Irony Lines1 Lines2 Lines3 Mouse Octuares Pinwheels Prismic Quad1 Quad2 Quad3 Rainbow Rays Remastered1 Remastered2 Remastered3 Request1 RugPatterns Satellite Smile StainedGlass Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 StarsNWheels Swirly Thirds TilePattern Two-HeadedLizardDrawing Wavy1 Wavy2 Maze1 Maze2 Maze3 Maze4 Maze5 Maze6


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