Unlikeliest of Brothers

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You’d be surprised how the vast the variety of brotherly relationships is. One of the more interesting ones would be my relationship with my brother. Yes, we come from the same parents, but we’re actually very different.

One of the most startling difference to other people is our appearance- we don’t look much like brothers at all. He has always looked the same in every picture ever taken of him; you could always tell it was him. I, however, have looked completely different in every picture. If you were to look at a picture of me when I was 5, one when I was 8, 10, 12, 15, and even now, you wouldn’t believe they were all me- you wouldn’t even recognize me at age 5. Yes, when someone finds out we’re brothers, their mind always gets blown.

Another distinct difference is our temper. For example, when he plays video games, he always gets enraged and bitches about everything that doesn’t go his way, big or small (and to think he wants to make video games for a living). I, on the other hand, have never really had much interest in video games. The only time I really play is when friends are over, and even then, I stay mostly calm, letting out an occasional complaint or two. Aside from video games, he also gets annoyed very easily, complaining about everything he doesn’t like. “The bathroom stinks, why didn’t you spray?” “This food is too oniony, I don’t really like it.” “You didn’t completely clean the  mirror, it still has streaks on it.” All this when there aren’t very many onions, or there’s only a small streak on the mirror that can be easily ignored. Do you hear me complain? Not unless it’s absolutely necessary, like if it’s really hot and I’m sweating my ass off, or if I break a bone and can’t do certain things because of it. There was a time, however, when I had anger issues, but the depression I went through in middle school completely tamed that.

Perhaps the most unusual difference, to me anyway, is that he doesn’t seem to care at all about finding love or having sex, like he’s completely asexual, as compared to me, a homosexual with a great desire to find love. I’ve always been curious about that, I mean doesn’t he get urges? It seems like he would, considering he’s in his room most of the time and sometimes locks his door as if he were “enjoying” his time alone. But that’s a mystery that may never be solved.

One final difference I’d like to point out is our sense of adventure. He doesn’t really seem to have one at all- he hasn’t even expressed any desire to leave the house, and he’s 20. The only time I ever see him get adventurous is in video games, whereas I have always wanted to go see the world and what it has in store for me. I’ve enjoyed trying new things since I was 10- food, games, even certain drugs like ‘shrooms and acid, but never coke or meth or heroin or anything addictive like that. He and I live in two different worlds.

It seems like the only reason we ever get along is that we’re brothers- and smoke pot. But how did two brothers only 3 years apart grow to be so different? I’ve always wondered if I was secretly part alien, or in other words, not entirely human. It’d make a lot of sense considering I don’t really fit in anywhere. Not in school, not in the youth group I go to (though it’s the closest match by far), not even in orchestra do I really fit in. But, there’s no finding out, so I never question it too much.

You will never meet brothers quite like us. If you do, then maybe two of us were born in the wrong families. Either way, I’m proud to have been raised in my awesome family, despite the odd relationship between my brother and me.


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