Fate: Is It Real?

Have you ever wondered if you really have free will? How about if fate is real? Think they’re the complete opposite? Well, think again.

First, let’s talk about fate. You see, in 8th grade I had a dream. In that dream, I was walking through a bright, sunny hallway when I came a across a bathroom. I was looking for something and decided to check in there- after using the toilet. When I looked in the mirror afterward, I noticed something peculiar: I had a third eye, and when I leaned closer, it opened. After waking up the next morning, I checked an online dream dictionary, dreammoods.com, to interpret what it meant. It said I have “untapped psychic abilities. After that dream, I started thinking heavily on the subject, and the more I thought about it, the more clear my future seemed to become. I was to become a famous metal cellist who tours the world, spreading messages of love, peace, honesty, and acceptance (this is after I already started playing music with that dream in mind). I was to explore the deepest parts of my spirit, becoming one of the most enlightened souls on the planet. I began to believe in fate.

That all changed after the night my best friend and I took a nightwalk on the campus of Sandia High School. I had never been there before in my life, yet somehow, it seemed as if I actually went to school there. It was overwhelming- every building seemed familiar as if I had been inside, every landmark on the campus was exactly where my mind told me they were, I even saw myself performing in a band in the main courtyard and falling in love with one of the students. I saw the beginning of my lifelong journey towards success. But was it fate? I asked my best friend about a month later and we had a long, deep conversation about it. We came to the conclusion that, as can be explained by quantum physics, we create our own fate. Nothing is definite until observed or given attention, and the closer you observe something, the more attention you give it, the more definite it becomes. This includes the future; the more attention you give to a particular scenario, the more likely it is to happen. In other words, the heavy thinking about my life that I’ve done in the past few years has determined my future, and my determination towards living that life has made it all the more possible.┬áSo that means we all have free will, right? Well, you can’t say for sure. You see, a lot of the things I see, a lot of the scenes that run through my mind, just appeared there. As far as I know, I didn’t make them up; they seem to have been implanted into my brain. However, the subconscious is capable of amazing things, which brings me to my next point.

Along with talking about fate that one day, we also talked about what our consciousness really is. After some research I did, I found a common theme in theories made by other deep thinkers: our consciousness goes beyond the dimensions which we perceive. Have you heard that all time- the past, present, and future- is happening at the same time? It’s true, because if it weren’t, we wouldn’t have memories, you would never feel deja vu, you wouldn’t even know time existed. By looking at our memories, we are travelling backward through time. By thinking about our future, we are travelling through the vast amount of possible events. Our minds are a natural time machine, allowing different points in time to happen at once. Amazing, right? But there’s more. Since the beginning of humanity, spiritual teachers have taught that the universe is all one giant consciousness, and that becoming spiritually enlightened means becoming one with the universe. This means that we are a consciousness within a consciousness. In other words, we are the universe, which means we have control over what happens in it. This points to the idea that free will is real. But think again about the “vast amount of possible events” I was talking about. When we pick a possibility that we want to happen and are determined to make happen, it becomes our fate, therefore, our fate is a result of free will.

Confused? Don’t worry, it’s a lot to process; in fact, my mind was completely blown after that one conversation. Here’s a brief summary: our minds are the universe, therefore we have control over what might happen in it. Because we are capable of travelling through time with our minds, we are able to freely create our own fates through strong will. Thus, fate comes from free will.


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