“Good Things Come to Those Who Have Patience.”

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?


I’d like to rephrase the saying to “Good things come to those who have patience.” You see, I don’t believe just sitting around doing nothing while you’re waiting will get you anything unless you’re actually in a waiting room or waiting in line- unless you get annoyed easily, in which case people won’t be likely to treat you as well. Which is a good example of my version; if you’re patient while you wait, people will treat you with more respect as opposed to being impatient. Another example would be that if you really want a car and your parents won’t buy you/can’t afford one, just sitting around with your hopes up is gonna get you nowhere, you have to earn it; get a job, make some money, save that money, and eventually you will be able to buy your own car. Same goes for an apartment/house, or even getting a job- you have to make an application, call in every week to see the progress, and then go through an interview. All of these things are easier to achieve if you’re patient, meaning you don’t get antsy in the times you’re not doing as much or waiting for something that will progress your work. That’s why in the times you are doing nothing, you find a way to occupy your time- for example, pulling out your phone in the waiting room, or talking to someone about what you’re gonna do when you do get whatever you’re waiting for. Waiting is boring; patience is finding a way to make the wait less boring.


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