Poem 1 From A Year Ago

Life is Plain/Pain/Gain

By Trent Schairer

Life is plain- boring, yet ever-changing.

Every day’s the same, all but subtle difference.

Today’s the same as yesterday,

But different from yesterday’s yesterday.

Tomorrow’s going to be the same as today,

But different from today’s yesterday.

Life is pain- hurts, but helps.

Death, heartbreak, and questioning,

It all brings us down.

We think we’re all happy,

But something always happens.

We can’t give up, or we’ll all look like clowns.

Life is gain- complex and becoming simple.

We all learn, love, and live.

With plainness and pain

Comes excitement and pleasure,

But only when we look at the truth and lies.

Life is plain, then pain, then gain.


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