Expanding Conciousness

Hello all! Sorry it’s been a while, I had a busy winter break. However, that doesn’t mean it was all that bad- in fact, it had quite the interesting end! You see, on the second I had a cup of magic mushroom tea, and while I was tripping, I realized that everything in the universe is flowing like water or smoke or whatever swirls and waves, and these waves are a result of universal balance- the good dancing with the bad in a never-ending experience we call life. It’s so amazing, the symbolism in this realisation. Just like a wave, everything that expands must contract so it can expand even bigger than before, and then eventually it will expand so big that it collapses on itself and restarts the cycle. Just like smoke, everything is ever-swirling- social interactions, the planets and the stars and galaxies, even the atoms in the air and our bodies. Just like a tree, everything is connected through the roots and the trunk and the branches, and at the very end of those branches is each and every one of our souls reaching out towards the sunlight, constantly growing and at the same time looking back, far, far back for the source of everything, the roots of the tree of life. That’s what life is about- expanding inward so we can expand outward, just like a wave. We are all unique, like the branches of a tree, and we all have a significant role in keeping universal balance. There will be love, and there will be hate; there will be happiness, and there will be sadness; there will be wisdom, and there will be ignorance. If you disagree, go ahead, because that means universal balance is amongst us.

Happy 2015 everyone!!! This will be a HUGE year for all!


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